Osram Spektrallampe WI 17/G 16A 9V E27

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32.840,00 kr
Lampen leveres med et calibration sheet. If this lamp is supplied with a constant current of 0.1%, the luminous intensity will achieve a stability of 1.4%

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Technical data
Lamp current A max 16
Lamp voltage V max 10,5
Spectral radiance W/cm2/sr/nm at 2400K blackbody temperature
Blackbody temperature (@ 650nm) K1500-2600
Spectral range 250-1650 nm
Filament dimension 1,6 x 20 mm
Electrical connection E27/51x39

Performance data
Declared service life 20 hours; recalibration interval
Expected average lamp lifetime > 200 hours

Operation conditions
Burning position base down
Cooling no
Polarity Operation in DC mode recommended

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